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Building Green

Building Green
At Delta Membrane Systems Ltd., we believe it is our duty and responsibility to protect the environment we live in. We provide products that are environmentally sensitive without compromising quality and effectiveness. Not only is building green involved in the manufacturing process, our long lasting products create a healthier living environment while saving energy.

Products like DELTA DRAIN and DELTA MS are both below grade drainage foundation damppoofing materials. They are manufactured with approximately 60% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – the same type of material used for beverage and food containers. The recycled core materials are encased in virgin HDPE polymers to create a product that is sustainable and durable.

In our efforts to contribute to a healthier environment, we at Delta Membrane Systems Ltd., recycle all our leftover DELTA-MS and recyclable materials from our installations at our local shop.

Our DELTA Products are;
Non-toxic, emit ZERO volatile compounds (VOC)
Manufactured using high quality recycled and remanufactured ingredients from production
Have low impact on environmental resources
Produced in Canada, resulting in lower transport costs and air pollution
Safe to handle and install
Fully recyclable
Sustainable – minimum 50 years service life